Employment Benefits


  • Medical

The majority of each Team Member’s medical insurance premium is paid by UDGI.  Many plans with various deductibles are offered…  For example, our Team Member’s total contribution is $20 a per pay period for Kaiser Medical Insurance $20 deductible plan. If a Team Member chooses to insure dependents,  they are responsible for the full dependent premiums.

  • Vision

Team Members are offered the freedom & flexibility to use the vision provider of choice when enrolled in our Vision plan.

  • Dental

UDGI is proud to offer Team Members a choice between two different dental plans, HMO or PPO dental insurance. Half of the HMO premium is contributed by UDGI.


  • 401(k) Retirement Plan

Our competitive 401(k) retirement plan includes immediate eligibility for deferrals, a generous 4 % match and investment options offered by Vanguard.

  • First Time Home Buyers Program

To inspire our team members to make the “American Dream” a part of their legacy, UDGI offers those with at least 1 year of tenure $10,000 to purchase their first home. Half of this amount is repaid over 3 years and the other half is forgiven over the same time-period. Below is a testimonial from one of our team members who had the courage to make this a part of their family’s legacy.

“Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to be a part of such an amazing company! With UDGI’s help, my family and I were able to purchase our first home. This has been my dream for so long and it still feels so surreal. We finally did it!! I can’t thank you enough for absolutely everything you have done for me and my family. My children are so happy to have a yard to play in and space to roam around the house. On top of having our own home, we were able to purchase a home with a backhouse for my mom. We could not have done this without my work family, and we are forever grateful!!”

  • Flexible Spending Account

A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is offered for unreimbursed medical services, supplies, and daycare expenses.  This account is funded by pre-tax Team Member deferrals and is administered by Paychex.

  • Life Insurance

Basic Life/AD&D (Employer-Paid $25,000)

  • Voluntary Insurance Programs

UGDI offers programs to insure for various risks including supplemental income, long-term care, cancer, life and more.

Giving Back

Giving of talent, time and treasure to the community is an integral part of our culture.  UDGI supports our Team Members through our charitable foundation, Del Corazon, meaning “from the heart”.

  • Team Members may take 1 paid, 8-hour day per quarter to volunteer at the charitable organization of their choosing.
  • Del Corazon will match Team Member’s qualified charitable cash gifts up to $500 per year.
  • Each office is encouraged to adopt a local charity which Del Corazon will participate in providing support.

Time Off

  • Paid Time Off

Team Members are eligible for paid vacation days and sick time.

  • Paid Company Holidays

UDGI observes seven paid holidays.


  • Internal Training Programs

We believe in the development and success of our Team Members. We identify the skills and knowledge which Team Members need to succeed in their jobs and in life and we offer targeted training programs to help prepare for the future.


  • Bonuses

Our company offers a wide variety of incentive bonuses which recognize achievement and reward success.

  • All Team Members are eligible to receive quarterly and annual bonuses for Exceeding Expectations and Mad Genius ($500 quarterly and $2,000 annually for each award). Candidates are self-nominated or nominated by their peers.  Winners are selected by the Selection Committee.
  • Performance-based on results (Monthly, Quarterly & Annually)
  • Holiday
  • Anniversary- Loyalty is another attribute that is rewarded at UDGI. Annal anniversary bonuses are awarded for tenure commencing after first year of service.
  • Team Member Referrals

We encourage all Team Members to refer brilliant individuals who will fit in the UDGI culture.  A $1,000 incentive is paid for all referrals, half at hire date and half at the new Team Member’s 90-day anniversary.

  • Recognition Programs

At UDGI, we show Team Members our appreciation and recognize their time and effort. We frequently celebrate milestones.

  • Company Events

Celebrating our good fortune is a big part of our culture!  Our company events acknowledge the contributions and success of our stakeholders including Team Members and vendors.